Notice #22040

Cold Storage Outage delaying non ezExpress crypto withdrawals

We will be doing a live video presentation update this Wednesday, June 12th, 9:00 am PST. Please check twitter or facebook for more details. Thank you.

Detailed update coming Saturday June 8th.
Thank you

No new information at this time. Next update Tuesday June 4 17:00 PST.
Thank you.

Sorry, again nothing new to report. Good news is expected soon. Some withdrawals will be processed late this week into the weekend.
Next update Sunday June 2 17:00 PST.

No new updates as of yet.
More extensive update Thursday May 30th 17:00.

May 24, 17:00, no new updates.
next update Monday May 27, 17:00.
Thank you.

Wed. 22 May 2019

We have continued to process Crypto withdrawals over the last 48 hours.
Additional withdrawals will be processed this evening.
Next update May 24, 17:00 PST.

Wed, 20 May 2019

We apologize for the delayed update.
We do, however, have some good news.
We are moving forward with eighteen pending withdrawals being processed in the last 48 hours.
Next update May 22, 5pm EST

No new information at this time. Next update on or before May 19th, 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Scheduled Update: We apologize but have no further information at this time that has not yet been reported. Binance is now processing withdrawals therefore the prior post containing a link to their service update is no longer an issue.

Thank you again for your continued patience, next update May 17th 5pm PST or immediately upon receipt of any important changes.

24-48 Hour Update. We would have done an update sooner but were hoping to have more to tell.

No updates other than we are aggressively pursuing resolution.

Next update on or before May 15th 5pm PST or as new information is available.

As we are nearing resolution, updates will be posted every 24-48 hours regarding progress on this page so long as the issue remains unresolved. We understand that a full resolution was expected to be delivered today. We do apologize for the continued delay to those affected and thank you for your patience and understanding.

As many of you know in order to offer such an extensive selection of altcoins, we work with exchanges such as Binance.

Regrettably Binance was faced with a breach earlier this week suspending all deposits and withdrawals. This, unfortunately, has pushed back our crypto resolution timeline and is out of our control.

You can see the full incident report here:

Thank you again for your patience.

Recent developments have boosted our timeline for this issue to be resolved. All pending crypto that was affected by this outage will now be paid starting as early as May 6th and finishing no later than May 10th. Thank you everyone for your patience during this difficult period, we look forward marking this issue resolved.

We have almost resolved this outage, however in the interest of maintaining expectations and keeping members informed, regrettably despite swift progress earlier in the month matters outside of our sole control have slowed down resolution to this outage. We are now estimating full recovery by May 10th.

We have increased private investment to ensure those members who are suffering from the backlog are having resources allocated towards progress while we complete this process. Your patience will never be forgotten.

The situation has made significant improvement today we are changing our estimated resolution time to April 19-22.

We've fixed the core issue, and are waiting for things to recover.

We've confirmed there is a problem, we're working to resolve it.

We are in the process of restoring this service. Estimated completion April 20-25th. The issue has been identified and is in the process of being resolved. No further information available at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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